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Her Story

Beth was born in upstate New York but has lived most of her life in Georgia, and all of her adult life in Cobb & Paulding counties. She found her passion for visual arts through her dad, also an artist, and was fortunate enough to have teachers throughout high school and college helping her develop her technique & freedom of expression. She attended The Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD)in 1978, had a long break while raising her 2 sons and working. She returned to painting full time within the last few years.

Her Style

Her efforts lean toward colorful expressions of people and nature. Her recent focus has been vibrant images of women, frequently with an inner struggle, expressed in a fantasy or dreamlike situation.

Her Words

"I love the idea that there are no rules in creating art. Obviously there are techniques and means of execution, but I enjoy the creative process. Since art has such a subjective quality about it, each piece can have vast meaning or just be pleasing to the eye depending on how it is seen."

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